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So exactly what is a "ShinnyApp?!"


Noun: An informal form of ice hockey played esp. by children, on the street or on ice, often with a ball or other object in place of a puck: "we used to play shinny on the canal with tin cans".

ShinnyApp connects Ottawa residents by helping them organize and manage informal sport matches in their community.

Users can create new games, invite others to join, score a game, view upcoming games, view past results, view game locations, create new locations and much more.

The following sports are currently available:
- Baseball
- Basketball
- Hockey
- Soccer
- Tennis
- Volleyball

Data sources used

All City of Ottawa outdoor sport location data (for currently supported sports) has been loaded into ShinnyApp so that any location can be used for Shinny games. ShinnyApp also allows users to create and manage games at user-defined locations (eg. on my road!).

The value it provides to residents

ShinnyApp allows members of the community with similar sporting interests to connect with one another and plan/manage informal sporting matches at their local rinks/parks/courts/fields. Through participation as a player, score-keeper, or as a fan, people will connect, new friendships will be made, new rivalries will be created, and new sporting communities will flourish.

Any and all feedback is more than welcome!

PS: Don't forget to vote for ShinnyApp in the City of Ottawa's Apps4Ottawa website. Thanks!

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